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City of Woodinville Appealing Wellington Hills Park MDNS

Hey All –  In March 2013 Snohomish County Parks Department issued a Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance (MDNS) for Wellington Hills County Park pursuant to the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). Unfortunately the City of Woodinville is appealing the MDNS in an effort to either halt or significantly alter the project. If you would like to see this amazing park occur, you are encouraged to get in touch with any or all of the following City of Woodinville representatives and let them know that you want to see the project move forward!








The Wellington Hills County Park Concept Design retains approximately 75% of the 104 acre site in natural areas, open space, and grass. Proposed amenities include seven mixed-use playing fields (turf and grass), miles of biking, running, and walking trails, a nature playground , off-leash dog park, picnic shelters, and spaces designated for an indoor MTB Park and Community Activity Center. This park is ideally situated and designed to serve the general public and a wide variety of user groups. It will be treasured for generations to come! The links below include an aerial overview of the Concept Design and link to Sno Co Parks website. From Park’s website you can click on the Wellington Hills County Park link and find a nice summary of the park’s evolution and Concept Design, and all of the recent supporting SEPA determination studies and documentation. Stay tuned and get involved!

Park Concept Design 1-28-13


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Wellington Hills County Park

The latest Concept Design/Master Plan for Wellington Hills County Park. Some minor tweaks since the last one I posted, but the indoor and outdoor MTB facilities remain in! Oh yeah!

10-15-12 Wellington Hills County Park Concept Design

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Golf Course Closes


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Park Plan – Wellington Hills

The 4th public meeting for Wellington Hills County Park occurred this past Wednesday evening. Interesting as always. The great news is the indoor/outdoor bike park continues to be included in the park development plan. Check it out. I don’t know about you, but I think this entire park looks amazing! 100 acres in all. Keep up the support and we shall eventually have an amazing park facility with something for everybody to enjoy!

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Yesterday at Duthie Hill Bike Park – Issaquah

We decided to trek down to Issaquah yesterday and check out Duthie Bike Park as a family unit. After grappling with gear and kids in and out of the truck, and becoming slightly frustrated by the time we were ready to ride, a great time was had by all! I’ve got skiing with the family down, but still working out some kinks with mountain biking.

The Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance did a fantastic job of creating a bike park with something for everybody and all skill levels. If you haven’t been there yet, check it out. Our kids are 7 and 8, but there are kids much younger rocking strider push bikes, as well as the big air crowd sporting full face helmets and neck braces, and spandex sporting XC and CX folks. The only thing you don’t see there are road bikes. Fortunately, the trail system is well marked with signage denoting level of difficulty and travel direction. As long as you can read, you’re not likely to get in over your head or get your kids out on a trail they should not be on. Even the more advanced trails seem to generally include an easier way around the more difficult trail features. If you haven’t done so, go check this place out while summer is here. You don’t need a fancy bike. Anything with knobby tires and you should have some fun. Link to Duthie Hill Bike Park

The first annual all women’s Surgar Showdown skills clinic day was going on while we were out there. Watching the gals work on their drops in the skills zone was great inspiration for the kids. The ladies are throwing down on the race course today. Wish I was there to watch some of that. Master trail builder and indoor bike park design/builder, Joe Prisel (Ray’s MTB, the Lumberyard), was out there yesterday setting up the Lumberyard’s tent. He is a judge for the ladies pro race today. I had the chance to chat with Joe about the Wellington Hills Bike Park project. That guy is a wealth of knowledge!

Unbelievably, neither Janet or I got out the camera once to snap a single picture memorializing our first family trip to Duthie Bike Park. I guess we were having too much fun. Good reason to head back there soon.

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In Today’s Everett Herald

This may take a year or two in the process, but I think it is going to be the best County Park around. “I can’t wait to see it happen.”

Herald Sports Park Article

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Contact Snohomish County Council members to show your support for the proposed Bike Park at Wellington Hills County Park and attend the next public meeting on Tuesday, June 26th, at the Brightwater Education Center in Woodinville from 7-9 pm. Find out more and how to contact County Council members via the link below to the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance’s website.